random comic review – “North 40”

Wildstorm’s North 40 is gearing up to be one of my favorite miniseries in a while.  It’s smart horror, plain and simple.

Everybody really likes to delve into HP Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos, but this is one of the few times that a really fresh approach has been taken to it.  When a book is read by two teenagers, a mysterious force awakens in Conover County that wipes out some of the area’s residents and dramatically changes some of the others.  Something’s going to happen and you can feel the tide rising against the few people who are actively trying to fight against this ever-growing darkness, but you don’t know what it is for sure.

Whatever it is though, it’s pretty fucking big.

In particular I like Sheriff Morgan a lot, I love the writing, I love Fiona Staples’ covers and interior art…shit, I just love this whole thing.  I’m just mad it’s not a continuing series and will be finishing up in a few days (I think issue 6 comes out December 2nd).  Even though I’ve got most of it in floppies, I think this is something I’d get in a collected trade, for yearly readings or so.

Seriously, if you can get your hands on the floppies, do it.  It’s Lovecraft meets TV’s “Supernatural”, if that makes any sense.


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