random comic review – “The Big Bad Book”

cover There’s a monkey spewing shit from its ass in the first chunk of The Big Bad Book, and repeated mention of getting sexually assaulted by clowns.  Just sayin’.

Alterna Comics never does me wrong.  I mean, stuff like The Chair and Jesus Hates Zombies and Risers and are all amazing (I keep wanting to check out American Terror, too).

The book’s a little bit “Office Space” meets “Sophie’s Choice” meets Marvel’s Thor, as an average guy is saddled with being guided and tormented at the same time by a clown and a monkey who may or may not be key players in the Norse pantheon…or psychotic illusions.

Overall, I liked the premise, because it gives us a realistic look at a typical fantasy situation where an average Joe is given an enormous wedge of power and responsibility.  This time though, he wants nothing to do with the power play going on and actually shows it playing out like that.

No epic theologic battles of will pitting mortals against the gods of olde, no Promethean clashes where mere humans manage to somehow grasp victory from the jaws of defeat or whatever.  Also, the dialogue and monologues don’t drag and actually keep me interested, which is always a plus.  You don’t wanna have your readers scanning over large tracts of texts, which I’ve done in some books that I didn’t really dig too much.

I do have one gripe with this.   And no, it’s not the shit-spraying monkey or all the references to fucking farm animals and furniture.  It’s the one scene where several of our intrepid heroes are sitting around talking about porn.  Which no one ever does past the age of 15 really does, at least in my experience.

Other than that though, the art’s solid, the story’s funny, and the clown looks like Pennywise from “It” and gives me the fucking willies.  Which is all you really need for a good comic these days, so if you’re in the mood for a new one-shot book, look this up.


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3 Responses to random comic review – “The Big Bad Book”

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  2. Thanks for reviewing The Big Bad Book! Indie artists will always need help to get out there. I appreciate that you’re giving them a hand.

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks for the great review! I scrolled down the page and found our humble book reviewed with the likes of Hellboy, North 40, and the Shield. Pretty freakin’ cool!

    Just so your readers know, the book won’t be available in stores until February 24, but they can ask their local comic shop owners to order it through the December Previews catalogue.

    Thanks again!

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