Random Record Review(s) – Aneurysm Rats, Higher Giant

Higher Giant

Al’s Moustache 7-inch

Black Numbers (2009)

I never got to see Token Entry or Gray Area, but I did see one of Ernie Parada’s bands (The Arsons) a few years ago and he’s a rad dude.  So when I found out that he’s once again behind the mic with a new band, I was stoked.

Higher Giant definitely follow in the vein of Parada’s previous projects, dishing out great melodic hardcore punk tunes that totally grab from you from the start and don’t let go until the very end.  I listened to this at the gym one day and it totally got me pumped up to keep going during my workout, and then the next day listened to it going to and coming home from work I liked it that much.  It’s fast, furious, but also fun, because let’s face it, sometimes girls just wanna have fun.

Sorry, my Cyndi Lauper crush is showing.

Aneurysm Rats

Dying To Live

Assassinated Records (2009)

Holy shit.  What is it with Philadelphia and amazing hardcore bands?

Aneurysm Rats are the latest band from the City of Brotherly Love to punch me in the face and kick me in the dick with raging awesomeness.  Very much in the vein of Paint It Black and Caustic Christ, the Rats’ brand of oldschool-inspired hardcore is definitely a welcome addition to the growing wave of hardcore bands that are “bringin’ it back”.  Less ridiculous heavy metal posturing and unnecessary breakdowns, more slamdancing and 2-minute thrashfests.

Bring it.


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