Random Record Review(s) – Daylight, PJ Bond, The Reveling


Sinking EP

Get This Right Records (2009)

Where do all these good bands keep coming from, and where the fuck were they when I was in college?

If I was still 15 I’d love the shit out of it.  If I was 18 I’d probably call it “melodic emo hardcore” or something like that and love the shit out of it.  At 26,  I think I still might love the shit out of Daylight.  They’re heartfelt melodic hardcore that’s rip-roaring and heart-punching from start to finish, and how can you not love that?  What are you, some kinda terrorist?

It’s not reinventing sliced bread or calculus but whatever, sometimes we need a little less complicated in music and a little more arm-in-arm weaving back and forth and fist-pumping, no frills, no bullshit.

PJ Bond

You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical

Black Numbers (2009)

Hey, it’s…Kris Kristofferson?  Elliot Smith?  Johnny Cash?  Woody Guthrie?

Sorry, that was mean of me.  This really does draw on all the elements of acoustic pop/folk/country that seems to be really popular for guys who used to be in punk bands to try these days.  I’m not saying it’s bad, because Bond’s actually really good here, managing to be mellow and and quiet and poppy here without letting his spine fall out like Jell-O.  It just doesn’t really do anything for me, but if you’re in the mood for something to mix it up a bit in your listening habits, you should check him out.  I will say one more thing;

No one needs a 16-minute last song, that shit is too goddamn long.  It’s hard enough to keep my attention with music past 3 minutes, so 13 more minutes is just being self-indulgent.  Keep that shit for the B-sides/demo reels.

The Reveling

3D Radio

self-released (2009)

OK, confession time.  I sort of hate Brooklyn.

Well, I don’t “hate” hate it.  I live in Queens and hate hipsters and what I feel is an unnecessary sociocultural focus on an overrated part of New York City.  Especially when jokes about “who goes to Queens?” are becoming ever-more prevalent.  I know a lot of great bands in the past few years have come out of there, including some of my all-time faves, but all in all I’d begun to lose faith and start to clean my sniper rifle so I can start picking off rich kid bike punks.

The Reveling have spared you all for the time being.  I didn’t know what to expect from this little 4 -piece, but I’m glad I put this disc in because it’s a pretty kick-ass and upbeat EP that highlights the best this band’s got to offer.  3D Radio reminds me of early stuff from the Loved Ones or the Gaslight Anthem (oddly enough, also mentioned in their press release, haha), in that punk-influenced upbeat and punk-influenced rock sound.  It’s made me excited to hear more from The Reveling now, and maybe even once again venture into Brookyn.


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