random comic review – “Crogan’s Vengeance”

I have no idea why I got this.  I just randomly picked this up off the shelf at Forbidden Planet on a whim, and I’m really glad I did.

Chris Schweizer’s Crogan’s Vengeance, a black-and-white tale of pirates and privateering, is really awesome.  Like, I cannot stress how much I love this and am looking forward to further installations.  The simple, almost cartoon-like artwork, alongside Schweizer’s incredibly detailed storytelling gives those posers in that Disney a run for their money.

The rise of the sailer Cat-foot Crogan from a simple deck hand on the wrong side of his captain’s mood into a growing privateer legend in the Caribbean, the story in Crogan’s Vengeance delves into many of the historical details about piracy in the 18th century I really can’t stress just how good this is, a prime example of something managing to use art to highlight fantastic writing (as opposed to stories that are art-driven, aka showcases for design with less-than-stellar writing).

Combined with a really great hardcover packaging and sizing, this has added another notch in Oni Press’s bedpost of awesome, alongside some of my other favorites (like Local and Scott Pilgrim).  And Schweizer’s dedication of the book to his dad definitely tugged at my nerd heartstrings a little bit.


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