DC Announces “Earth One”

…and I am excited.  From The Source:

Original stories featuring Batman and Superman in graphic novel form from the biggest creators out there. But these aren’t one-offs. We’re talking ongoing series of OGNs in a new continuity, on a new Earth.

Sound appealing?

Starting next year, DC Comics will unveil SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE and BATMAN: EARTH ONE, two graphic novels spotlighting the most powerful heroes of the DC Universe, with their first years and earliest moments retold in a standalone, original graphic novel format, on a new earth with an all-new continuity.

I can’t wait, especially for Geoff Johns’ Batman contributions.  Also, being able to break free from mainstream title continuity allows for a lot more leeway in writing great stories.  I love a lot of current storylines, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it’s sort of fucking annoying, because you shouldn’t have to be bound by terrible story points from the 60’s and 70’s when telling a good story.

Anyway, this starts up next year, and I’m actually excited for a capes ‘n tights book.


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