random comic review – “Annihilation: Conquest”

OK, never mind that “Annihilation: Conquest” is an all-round amazing follow-up to Marvel’s “Annihilation”, which pretty much raised the fucking bar when it comes to outer-space sci-fi action comics.  There are actually two specific reasons, in my mind, why this series was so awesome.

First off, Nova.  On the heels of him in “Annihilation” and that incredibly epic THIS IS FOR NOVA CORPS scene I won’t spoil for you, the new Nova solo series was amazing in its “Conquest” tie-in issues.  Like, a lame Green Lantern-wannabe character who says shit like “blue blazes!” and wore a ridiculously lame/generic superhero costume  is now a galactic force to be reckoned with, and Worldmind is the best sidekick ever.  Just sayin’.

Also, I absolutely love the look of the Nova costume now, it’s vaguely reminiscent of the classic costume, but at the same time sleek and modern, high-tech looking and visually impressive without trying too hard or being too “EXTREME!”

My other favorite point of “Conquest” is the one, the only, Peter Quill, aka Starlord.  I mean seriously, if there was ever a lamer 70’s Marvel space character, I haven’t come across him yet.  An astronaut with a chip on his shoulder somehow becomes one of those types tasked with being a Protector of the Universe while weilding, I shit you not, element guns.  Like, fire, dirt, air, or water.

And yet, somehow, when he suits up in that weird Victorian steampunk uniform with the most bad-fucking-ass helmet ever with alien machine guns blazing and a pack of misfits watching his 6’s on a dangerous mission, you can’t help but cheer for him.

I know there’s a lot more that went on in “Annihilation: Conquest”, like the new Quasar stuff (which was pretty good and made me giggle with the Heavy Metal reference) and Wraith (which was OK), but on the whole, “Conquest” wasn’t as cohesive as the first “Annihilation”, which I thought was really great from start to finish.  Rather, this was overall solid with several facets of it really standing out like crazy to me.




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