random comic review – “Locke & Key”

So let’s get this out of the way.  Yeah, Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son.  And yes, he’s also written a book or two before Locke & Key, an interesting and totally addicting series from IDW.

Despite loving horror, I don’t really read that much of it, books or comics.  I tend to watch it mostly, because to me, suspense and tension are hard to convey through literature, and even when you have art/images on your side like in comics, it’s just hard.

Alternately, I’m not a huge follower of magic-oriented stuff, I sort of burned out on fantasy a while ago so I’m very select about it.  Magic’s the kind of deus ex machina that can drive you crazy.

Interestingly enough, Hill’s Locke & Key takes the conventions of horror’s suspense and magic’s unlimited potential and given them specific roles here, if that makes sense.  Also, the magic is given interesting twists and conditions that keeps it from going out of control and turning this into an episode of Merlin or whatever.

This is as much a mystery as it is a horror comic or a magic comic, where you know what a lot of the important stuff is and what it does, but you still don’t know the entire overreaching picture.

I’m very stoked to read the 3rd volume of this because even though the Keys are a big focus in this story, you definitely get the sense that there is something not seen yet that is even bigger and more powerful yet to be revealed, which might not be anything what you think.


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