A) Hey, a Grant Morrison book I’m actively excited for!

B) Thanks to Brian Wood for bringing this review to my attention of the new Grant Morrison/Sean Murphy comic Joe The Barbarian, from Vertigo.  I initually was a little bit interested in this because I’m a fan of Murphy’s work ever since stumbling across him on DeviantArt, because normally, I’m not really a huge Grant “I’M A GODDAMN FUCKING LSD MAGICIAN” Morrison fan.

Now after reading that “review” (and I use that term loosely…Jesus shit, CBR, way to go letting something like that hit the Web loosely associated w/your name) I’m definitely excited for eventually reading it.  Because all the things that the reviewer is talking about in terms of pacing and layout are what I think makes great comics, especially in a book that takes place in the realm of imagination and its overlay with reality.

Being a fan of of Bill Watterson and Scott McCloud and the general art of combination art/word literature (comics), you can’t just fill every panel and every page with action and dialogue.  I mean, I don’t think you can, because to me, pacing is just as important.

Whatever…I just thought it was a hilarious “review” not to mention ill-written.  Also, I wanted to mention it on any context because Sean Murphy is an amazing artist and and more of you should be aware of him.


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