An Age of Heroes

Marvel announced the new Avengers lineup as their post-“Seige” and “Dark Reign” titles, falling under an informal “The Heroic Age” banner, is set to begin.

I have to say, seeing Gorilla Man (Ken Hale) in there makes me sad because that means he might not be in Agents Of Atlas anymore.  Also, I’m assuming that Hawkeye here is Clint Barton in his old togs, which means no more Ronin (again, I’m bummed, I liked him in that identity).  The Thing’s an odd choice considering how reluctant Marvel seems to end or “break up” the Fantastic Four, but Beast is a classic Avenger, and Black Widow and Spiderman are good choices.

However, the biggest shock (not to me) is that the Big Three here are not quite who people thought.  The solicitation for Seige #1 shows Thor, Steve Rogers as Captain America, and Iron Man.

Notice who’se weilding the shield in this new promo though?  Also of course Iron Man’s rockin’ the new and improved threads, which I think are slated to show up in the new few issues of Fraction’s Invincible Iron Man.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes…


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