The King of the Seas Returns

This just popped up on The Source, and it gets me thinking about how exactly Aquaman‘ll get written.  The character is still viewed as sort of a pop-culture joke sometimes, with the opposite end of the spectrum being enamored with him as one of the shining example of Golden Age comics.

I don’t know who was writing Justice League and Aquaman between 2002 and 2004 or so during storylines like “The Obsidian Age” (which I really liked) and “Sub Diego”, but to me that definitely seemed like a great modern way to write Aquaman.

The “joke” has always been that in terms of superpowers, Aquaman is kind of lame.  And yet, writers have managed to create great stories involving him without having to resort to “Oh, the canal from the ocean leads into the city!”. I honestly do hope that the turn towards great adventure-oriented writing that a lot of DC (and Marvel) books are turning towards these days, especially with DC’s BRIGHTEST DAY header/event/title/status quo, will bring that ass-kicking aspect of Aquaman back and make him a little less of a footnote as a joke on “Family Guy”.

All in all, I am excited for BRIGHTEST DAY.  Ever since GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH I’ve loved a lot of DC stuff, mostly Green Lantern-related things but also Bat-books, and despite the somewhat unnecessary glut of tie-ins for BLACKEST NIGHT, that as well.

I know certain people seem to think that retconning is some sort of stonable offense or whatever, but I love what Geoff Johns (and Pete Tomasi, who’se joining Johns on BRIGHTEST DAY and has been kicking ass on Green Lantern Corps) has done to DC is going to do.  He really is bringing a great positive light and spin to comics, and I’m totally stoked.


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