In my constant search for stuff to listen to as I work and exercise at the gym that isn’t music, I look at a lot of comic book/pop culture podcasts.  My most recent experimental listening/discovery is Nerdy Show;

I have to say, Cap Blackard, John Carter, Mike Pandel, and Brian Clevinger put together a hella impressive and ambitious podcast.  I initially looked it up because I love Clevinger’s Atomic Robo, but it’s so much more than a comic book podcast, it truly is a Nerd show in every sense of the world.

I will say that the music’s a little overkill (how much goddamn fucking geek-themed techno can a person genuinely enjoy before crossing over into annoying irony? I think it’s a “Nerd” with a capitol N thing), but the spotlighting of small-time indie musicians in that sense is really awesome at the same time.  This is also me nitpicking too, mostly because even though I’m quite proud to be a nerd, I’m also a punk/hardcore/”alternative” indie kid at heart.

So yeah, if you’re not bored with life or angry at me yet after reading that previous paragraph, you can also check out the podcast on Twitter.

So yeah, if you’ve got like 2 hours to kill and need something to listen to, check it out.


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