I Don’t Wanna Go Home

Thanks to Punknews.org for pointing this in my direction.  It’s a short documentary on the RAZORCAKE ‘zine.

I’ve contributed to RAZORCAKE a few times, though not in a couple of years.  And even though I’ll never stop in my praise of the now-departed PUNK PLANET as my all-time favorite ‘zine, RAZORCAKE has continued the tradition of spreading the love about great bands, helping break new bands into the public eye, and giving a platform to out-there writers and punks and geeks like me.  It’s never really pretended to be anything other than a platform for a love of music and culture and good times, never letting itself become to “serious”, something that definitely fucked up MRR.

RAZORCAKE is technically a non-for-profit, so if you’re interested in contributing to keeping them going, order a subscription, check out their site, order some records.  It’s worth it.

About Costa

I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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