iFanboy and Graphic.ly

Influential and smart comic podcast iFanboy have been conquered…I mean bought by the digital comics company Graphic.Ly. From what I understand, this gives iFanboy access to more outlets for opporutnities to keep spreading the word about comics and comic culture.  It also gives the relatively new Graphic.Ly a huge boost in fanbase by tapping into iFanboy’s community and listener-ship.

The brains of iFanboy have this to say;

You heard it right. iFanboy has been acquired by Graphic.ly. The deal includes iFanboy.com, our various shows, and Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick as talent.

Graphic.ly has the future in mind, and that’s something iFanboy has always valued. Their first product is a digital comics reader and platform, a movement iFanboy have always supported. But in addition to that, Graphic.ly is very committed to being a part of the comics community at large, and to growing the comics audience. They expressed an interest in bringing some folks on who were respected in the comic book industry and had developed an awesome community of comic book lovers. Eventually when all those people turned them down, they were stuck with us.

Another fun fact is that Kevin Mann, one of the founders of Graphic.ly, got back into comics after becoming a big fan of iFanboy’s shows. Shortly after getting back into comics, Kevin began to investigate digital comics which then lead to the creation of Graphic.ly’s digital comics application. So, in a way, Graphic.ly is all iFanboy’s fault.

Here’s Graphic.ly’s press release on the deal.

As far as iFanboy is concerned, this is absolutely fantastic news, and the future is looking very promising.

As a fan/occasional listener to iFanboy’s podcasts, congrats to them on this, it sounds like an amazing opportunity.

Thanks to CBR’s Robot 6 for bringing this to my attention.


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