random comic review – FEAR AGENT vol. 1, “Re-Ignition”

I am totally late to the game, but holy shit, Rick Remender’s Fear Agent is so amazing.  It’s ass-kicking, rocket ship-flying, alien-blasting, whiskey-drinking fun.  Like there’s no two ways about it. This title is amazing.  I know Remender’s currently writing some Punisher stuff for Marvel nowadays, but whatever, this is where it’s at.

In the past year or so I’ve been appreciating pulp-inspired straight-up action stuff that has definite influences in older space and crime serials, noir writing, war stuff, etc…Fear Agent is all those and more.  And yet, it’s not kitschy or cheesy at all.  Remender has commented to the effect that science fiction has “lost its stones” and that this series is his reaction to that, with more focus on face-punching and less on realistic science/breakdowns of theoretical and bleeding-edge technologies.

I gotta say, I sort of love it.  Volume 1 introduces us to Heath Hudson, alien exterminator-for-hire.  As he ends up in the sort of ass-kicking situation that he appears to be good at, the book hints at a tragic history that has driven Heath to be the shell of the man he once was.  He used to be a Fear Agent, something not clearly defined but insinuated to have been some sort of Earth-based galactic adventurer and defender of justice.  But Earth’s not what it used to be apparently, and holy shit, the ending is pretty fuckin’ insane in setting the bar for “How the hell are they gonna top that?!?!?!”

I can’t wait to get more of this series.


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