Random Record Review – The Wonder Years, “The Upsides”

The Wonder Years

The Upsides

No Sleep (2010)

Holy fuckballs was I excited when this came in the mail.  Because A) despite this hairy and gruff hardcore exterior, I am so a pop-punk nerd it hurts sometimes.  Also, B) any band who wrote a song about Star Wars is A-OK in my book.

The Wonder Years are growing up but not selling out, to dip into the bag of music journalism cliches.  I have a bit of an unashamed hard-on for this band, ever since their split with All Or Nothing that I heard last year.  It’s great melodic pop music with no fake attitudes about sweetness or attempts to craft anything other than a simply rad good time.

There’s a level of maturity here in The Upsides that wasn’t in the Distances split, but it’s by no means the sort of “maturity” that saps any sort of creativity and energy out of band.  If anything, it’s made them better, pushing the band towards being faster, louder, harder, and more fun.

Seriously, are you still at your computer?  Go get this!


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