webcomix – “The Frightful Fetus”

Stephen Lindsay is one of my comic heroes.  He just up and decided he wanted to make comics, and he makes comics.  Amazing ones, both in paper and on the web. And I’m eternally grateful for that, because I need stuff to read during the day when I should be doing office work instead of reading webcomics like Lindsay’s project with Jim McMunn, the webcomic The Frightful Fetus!

The Fetus is an aspiring supervillain working his way into the game of evil and two-timing, and it’s not that hard to be looking evil when you’re a robot body with a floating aborted-looking fetus in a jar for a head.

But he’s still just getting his foot in the door ya see, which is where Lindsay’s ability to write biting and dark humor is blossoming.  There hasn’t been too much (or any) background so far, instead jumping straight into an already-established world and story.  It’s a writing technique I really appreciate and that I don’t think gets used enough.  There’s no emotional buildup or contemplation, just a lot of explosions, a talking teddy bear, and lots of squishy stuff.

And who’s not a fan of squishy stuff?

Also, I have to say, I love the full-page format, something cropping up a lot more in webcomics.  I mean I love webcomics that are continuing the newspaper strip-style format, because I love strips.  But at the same time, I do think it does add another layer of (unnecessary in my opinion but whatever) “legitimacy” to webcomics, showing that it can work in a full page-style format as well as a 4-panel strip format.  Big ups to Jim and Stephen for that.


Anyway, the story’s just 26 pages in right now, but already Century City’s felt the wrath of the Fetus, Carl, and the Baby Boomers. I really can’t wait for more.  Check it out from the beginning right here!


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