webcomix – “Max VS Max”

At my webcomic-reading peak, I probably was checking out maybe a dozen strips a week/every few days.  One of them was You’ll Have That by Wes Molebash, a slice-of-life strip detailing the misadventures of a married couple a year or two into their marriage.  YHT is probably one of the most earnest comics I’ve ever read, and I think Wes really created something special with that strip, which ended in 2008.

So when I found out that he had a new strip coming out called Max Vs Max, I was stoked.

I don’t know just how well-known it is amongst the greater comic book community, but Wes is an open Christian, very devout and secure in his faith and beliefs about God.  It was something that leaked through and was touched up on in YHT and Andy and Katie’s marriage, but as Max VS Max is reflecting on a more personal level with Wes, it’s a little more open.

And honestly, as a punk rock kid and fairly outspoken agnostic, I’m totally cool with it.

If anything, Wes’s sense of humor about the whole thing and overall comic book style makes it work.  There are no faith/sociocultural/political jabs, no sermonizing.  I don’t know if this is a compliment or a jab at webcomics being not “real” comics, but this is totally something I can see in a newspaper as a daily strip, in the vein of the non-political parts of Doonesbury or Sherman’s Lagoon.   It’s combined with a really nice, loose art style I’m incredibly jealous of, with simple backgrounds for contrast and very expressive characters that are almost animated at times.

Max is a young guy coming off a divorce and trying to get back into the “swing” of being single, grappling with what being divorced means, how it’s challenging his faith in God, and what other people are expecting of him now that he’s single.  Max Vs Max only been going for a little while now but it’s one of those strips I always hit up to check.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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