“It was justified.”

So I watched the series premier of FX’s “Justified” last night, starring Timothy Olyphant.

I’m impressed.  I sort of casually knew who Olyphant was through (don’t laugh) the Hitman movie, but I’m a late bloomer to the Elmore Leonard bandwagon so when I heard the author’s name attached to this, I jumped on.

Also, the promotional work for this show, which built up as a slow burn over the past few months, was stellar.

Anyway, so I’ve been excited for this for a while, and rushed home to eat dinner and sit down for this, which I was hoping wouldn’t let me down.

Boy, it didn’t.  The first episode of “Justified” is a great nu-Western style crime story where it’s not so much about a retelling of the Wild Wild West, but a low-key but brutal cop show with a hidden layer under there.  Granted, that sort of twist isn’t exactly a new concept in fiction, but whatever, I like it here.  I love how it’s shot and cast and the whole atmosphere of what is supposed to be Eastern Kentucky.

So yeah, FX Tuesdays are where it’s gonna be at for a little while.  I can’t wait to see what else “Justified” has coming up for its first season.


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