Random Record Review – Ludlow Lions, “No Stories”

Ludlow Lions

No Stories

Self-Released (2010)

No Stories by Ludlow Lions is pretty basic pop-influenced indie rock.

The band’s a little all over the post-rock spectrum here, from droning dissonance to keyboards (something I’m slowly learning to appreciate in music in general) to wailing vocals to jangly Pavement-esque attempts at catchy-ness.

I’m sorry…I sorta spaced out listening to this about halfway through the record.  Each time I listened to it.

There’s just no “oomph” in this, for lack of a better term.  It just sounds safe and a little milquetoast, with no real risks or energy in there to capture my attention at all, just the same old-same old sound of some band trying to “combine their influences” and ending up just boring the shit out of me.

I suppose if softer GBV or The Cold Beat-style rock with weird Muse-like wailings (Muse IS that three-piece with the wannabe-space age shit and wailing singer, right?) is more your thing, then knock yourself out, but there are other bands that definitely do this sort of thing a lot better, and unfortunately they’re the ones who’re getting my ear-listening time.


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