This is not how the world ends

I just read a preview of SHIELD # 1 from Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver at Cosmic Book News, which you should check out.  I have been so excited for this title for so long, it’s surreal to think that this first issue comes out next week.

I don’t read Fantastic Four because quite frankly, I think it’s sort of lame, but I’ve been loving Hickman’s Secret Warriors and I hear that Nightly News is pretty amazing and groundbreaking in the vein of Channel Zero (one of my all-time favorite comics), so I think Hickman’s gonna knock it the fuck out of the park with this.  The idea itself isn’t exactly new at first glance (historical figures as superheroes), but there’s something so cool about it, that I can’t help but cheer whenever it comes up.  Hickman looks like he’s got some tricks up his sleeve

Also, where the hell has Dustin Weaver been all this time? I can see that he’s done a lot of Star Wars comics, which is fucking rad, as well as some X-Men stuff, but I really hope that this gets him a hell-ton more exposure. He definitely deserves all the coverage and praise we can throw at him.

I will be getting this in single issues (shocking, I know), and I’m begging you, please, PLEASE help support this series.


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One Response to This is not how the world ends

  1. paulvex says:

    hmmm not sure about this title! hopefully, its as good as Secret Warriors.

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