Swear by Crom!

So out of all the great news to come out of C2E2, one point that I think definitely deserves attention is that Roy Thomas is returning to Conan The Barbarian for Dark Horse, with art by the awesome Mike Hawthorne.

Roy’s best known for originally bringing the stories of Conan the Barbarian to Marvel in the 1970’s, stories that I remember being obsessed with.  Mike’s worked on a bunch of stuff, and is one of the Comic Twart artists.

CBR has a story on the whole thing here.

Like I said, a lot of really amazing announcements by indie publishers as well as the Big 2 came out of C2E2, but this really stuck with me because Conan holds a definite place in my heart.

I grew up abroad for a while, which meant that it was hard to get my hands on comic books sometimes.  There was a chunk of time where all the comics I read were just newspaper strips in The International Herald Tribune, and a few huge boxes of old SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN and Conan The Barbarian comics from Marvel that I’d inherited from an uncle.  They were all Thomas stories, and I loved ’em.

I’ve never had the pleasure of reading Howard’s original stories.  There’s a copy of them around somewhere in my parents’ place, but the vast majority of my exposure to the son of Cimmeria’s been through comic books.

Anyway, like I said, stoked on this, and it’s awesome for Mike Hawthorne too, so check it out!


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One Response to Swear by Crom!

  1. spencerd says:

    I agree. I was at the convention, but missed out on this stuff until I got home (too busy digging through long boxes). You really ought to read a couple of howard conan stories. they are something…

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