ARCHIE COMICS Introducing Their First Gay Character

Archie Comics recently announced that the latest addition to the long-running comic’s cast will be Kevin, the story’s first openly gay character.  Kevin is apparently going to be the target of Veronica’s affection, who will drive herself apeshit because everyone but her ends up knowing Kevin doesn’t really swing that way.

You sort of have to think…because Archie Comics is probably one of the most forward-thinking all-ages comic being published these days.  Cartoonist Dan Parent’s last “big hullaballoo” in Archie’s idealized world of Riverdale was Archie dating Valerie, the bassist of Josie & The Pussycats and being one of, at least in my knowledge, the most visible interracial romance in comics out there these days.

It’s played less like anything groundbreaking racially and more in the vein of a tabloid-fodder/pop culture story, where our main protagonist is getting swept up into the world of dating a celebrity.  The upcoming focus on Kevin is, similarly, not about focusing on his sexual preferences but rather on just simple situational comedy and Jughead, of all people, wanting to see Veronica flail around.

And then people go on about how something like Kick-Ass is supposedly turning comics on its ear…anyway, the part of the story I loved the best;

“We’re trying to show that Riverdale is an accepting community, that everyone is welcome in Riverdale,” [Dan Parent] said. “We’re trying to show that Riverdale is that ideal town that everybody wants to be a part of.”

Anyway, the issue hits stands September 1st, I think it’s actually Veronica #1 as opposed to Archie Comics proper, can’t remember.  Big ups to Parent and Archie!



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