Jeff Smith’s “BONE” and Minnesota

Well color me impressed.

A report from Robot 6 is letting me know that a recent challenge to a Minnesota public library by an irate mother over Jeff Smith’s Bone has been turned down.

The books have won several awards and received positive reviews from national publications, including, which touted the series as the “best all-ages graphic novel ever published,” Martin said.

“It’s important to understand selection from censorship,” she said. “I respect her right to object to the series, but not for her to censor it for the rest. I feel you would be doing a disservice to our district if you remove this book from our elementary schools.”


I’m honestly surprised and pleased here, because I know what an uphill battle it is keeping “controversial” books and comics in public libraries where well-meaning but ignorant-as-shit people will loudly talk about doing stuff “for the children’s sake”.  Let’s just hope that this is the beginning of a positive shift in defending literature and the rights of kids to decide just what they want to read.

Libraries are important places and if we start bending over every time some pantywaist who doesn’t feel like doing their own parenting makes a fuss, I do seriously consider it the beginning of the end in terms of literacy.

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