Random Record Review – Neon Escape, “We Won’t Wait Any Longer”

Neon Escape

We Won’t Wait Any Longer

self-released (2010)

You know what I loved about the 80’s?  Hardcore punk, underground comics, and movies. You know what I hated about the 80’s?  Ronald FUCKING Reagan, and bad music.  Now, having read that, I want you to see if you can predict how this is going to go before reading any further.  Give up?  Still wanna read on?  OK.

I’ll admit to being nostalgic for a lot of things, like good movies of yesteryear, writers like Hunter S. Thompson, and Quicksand records.  One of the things I’m not really nostalgic about, on the other hand, are prog-rock and hair metal bands.  At all,  Which is sort of a shame, because that’s totally who Neon Escape are borrowing from.

I guess if you’re interested in *shiver in fear and horror* Dream Theater and Led Zeppelin, then check ’em out, but otherwise, this is definitely something you shouldn’t be tripping over yourself to find and listen.


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