random toy find – Batman

This is a toy up in the “Misc.” section of the local CVS, and it grabbed my attention at first because it’s in the mold of my personal favorite, the Bruce Timm-style Batman.  Specifically it’s “The New Batman Adventures” Batman.

The weird thing is…despite all the markings of being from DC and Mattel and whatnot…I’m getting the distinct feeling that this isn’t an officially licensed toy.  Call me paranoid.  I’m not super-versed on the ins and outs of comic book action figures in general, so I wouldn’t know what to look for when it came to validating authenticity, I’m just going on my gut reaction and the fact that the packaging sort of looks like crap and it’s thrown up alongside generic-name bags of plastic Army Men and dinosaurs and action figures of pro wrestlers.

I could be wrong though. Thoughts?


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