Random Movie Review – “Iron Man 2”

Midnight showing. Explosions. Sci-fi ridiculousness. An thoroughly scary Mickey Rourke.

Do I really need to say more?

OK, I will.  I really loved “Iron Man 2”, which is a little different from the first “Iron Man” film but still carried on the spirit of the first one, which I personally considered superior to 2008’s “The Dark Knight” that came out that same year.

The always-charismatic Tony Stark thinks he’s riding high as his popularity as the Iron Man continues to grow, but forces are pressing in from all sides.  Not just the repulsor tech-weilding Ivan Vanko/Whiplash, but also the US government, and rival arms dealer Justin Hammer. Even his friends like Rhodey and Pepper are a little sick of his shit.  At the same time, Stark’s hiding a few secrets of his own before he can get his act together to once again step up to the plate as Iron Man.  But of course, if all sorts of hi-tech and impressive-as-shit supervillainy with a long-standing grudge has anything to say about it, Stark might not get to even reach the plate alive.

I’m not gonna lie, I was giggling the entire time I was watching this movie, and while I completely understand some of the reservations people have about this sequel, I liked it just as much as the first film.  It was fun, it was bright and shiny, it had crazy science and suits of powered armor, it hit every button I wanted it to when it comes to insane superhero comic book movies.  I mean, our protagonist makes a particle accelerator IN HIS HOUSE to help him save the day.  How awesome is that?

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4 Responses to Random Movie Review – “Iron Man 2”

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  3. Vic says:

    You forgot to mention one thing, Scarlett Johanson. She is hot and can kick some serious butt. She was perfect for the role of the Black Widow.

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