random comic review – “Risers”

When my fiancee and I discovered Stephen Lindsay’s Jesus Hates Zombies we found out about Alterna Comics, a great little indie publisher that among other things, puts full issues and previews up of their titles on their site constantly.

One of the titles we found out about through this is Risers, by the creative team of Martin Fisher (story), Kurt Belcher (art), Hendrik Horvath (inks), and Peter Simeti (letters).  On the surface, a zombie book about undead rising from the grave called “Risers”, this book is no ordinary zombie book.  If anything, I’d hesitate to call this a zombie book at all.

If anything this is more of a ghost/mystery story with heavy dramatic suspense elements in there as well, making any sort of supernatural trappings here a not necessarily secondary, but less the focus here. Risers are doomed to walk the Earth until they can confess deep hidden secrets and sins to their loved ones, and gain forgiveness.  Annette, a recent Riser, is confused, because despite what she’s told as she becomes one and is introduced to a Riser relief center, she has no secrets.

This is the beginning of a story that is, like I said, more in the vein of a suspense or ghost story as Annette, who has come back to life but without any of the secrets or unfinished business that burden other risers, is trying to figure out why she came back if she has nothing to confess, nothing to get done, nothing that would ever cause her to come back to life as the undead.  The volume stands alone as a great graphic novel but also did leave a few openings for follow-up should they every decide to.

Regardless, it’s a nice little package and a pleasant zombie-themed surprised.  To be honest, zombie stuff these days needs a little something extra to make it stand out from every other zombie/horror-themed comic.


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  2. Online Printing says:

    The plot is interesting and I agree with you that this is not just a zombie comics, I love the factor which brings back the dead. The plot is unique and original, that is the good thing when you buy indie comics you’ll be surprised with what they can offer. Thank you for sharing.

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