Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta, the amazing artist known for his fantasy-inspired works that depicted classic pulp, fantasy, and comic characters like John Carter of Mars and Conan the Barbarian, died yesterday.  He was 82.

Born in Brooklyn NY, his primarily oil-pant works have graced book covers, comics, the sides of vans, album covers, and movie posters.  He collaborated with animation pioneer Ralph Bakshi on the rotoscoped now-cult classic “Fire & Ice”, which was basically a Frazetta poster come to life in its awesomeness.

He was crippled by a series of strokes in the past decade, and family problems related to the rights to display and sell his work have plagued the Frazetta family heirs this past year before finally being settled in time for his death.

For guys like me who grew up reading Conan The Barbarian media and wishing we were sword-wielding, dragon-fighting badasses, he will be sorely missed.


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