WILDCATS 3.0 Gets A New Printing

I’m incredibly excited about this;

After more than a year of working for WildStorm, I’ve noticed a number of questions that are tossed out by WSU fans time and time again. One of the top questions I hear: Where’s WildCATS 3.0? The cult favorite has been tough to track down for fans who missed the original run for a couple years now.

Well, fear no longer – the first volume (titled “Year One” and collecting the first 12 issues) lands September 15th, and a second volume will be following shortly thereafter.

From The Bleed

I have the two trades from this series from the original printing, I tracked them down on Amazon.  This was an amazing title, a great evolution of what started out as a somewhat decent superhero title but eventually because, in my opinion, better than a lot of other “team” books like X-Men, The Avengers and or Justice League.


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