webcomix – “Spoilers”

Spoilers, a webcomic by Kevin Czapiewski, is…different.

I don’t wanna show too much or give too much away partially because I don’t want to spoil anything, but also, it’s a little too strange to try to describe.  You just have to read it yourself and enjoy it.

A flowing, almost single-shot image comic that works like a visual stream-of-consciousness text, Spoilers is ostensibly about a girl who wants so hard to disappear that she does.  But it’s more than that, it’s an interested comic experiment that forces you to pretty actively read and pay attention to it.  That seems like something simple, but if you think about how you read comics and flow over a page, sometimes skipping panels and dialogue only to go back to it later, you don’t really “actively read along”.  You have to think about doing it with Spoilers.

I really love reading it, it’s a simple but great example of how people are pushing the limits of making comics.  Check it out.


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