So the season finale was last night, and of course I really loved it, even though it was just as frustrating as the ending of the first season that sent me into a spastic tizzy.

Once again, I’m frustrated at a fascinating season finale that leaves me on the edge of my seat, and that the show’s only a half-hour long.

I’ve never had HBO.  I didn’t have cable for a long time, not until 2001 and even then I didn’t get Showtime until a year or so ago so that I didn’t have to watch “Dexter” at the future-in-laws’ place or on my computer.  I love Showtime these days, just consistently hitting it out of the ballpark with great shows every time.  Granted, I have only a passing familiarity with “Weeds” and I sorta-kinda-know what’s going on in “United State of Tara”, but “Nurse Jackie” and “Dexter” are fucking aces, and I can’t wait for “The Big C”.



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