random comic review – “DMZ” volume 8, ‘Hearts And Minds’

God-damn it.

One of my favorite things about DMZ is the almost disgustingly dead-on realism of the series.  The humanist message that weaves its way through what seems at first like a straight-up political story really makes you sit back and think about your stance on just about everything.  It’s an entrancing story I’ve been hooked on since the beginning.

And now…fucking hell Matty Roth, what’s going on?  It’s not that I’m disappointed with the story at all.  Far from it.  I, just like almost everyone else that used to be close to him, am disappointed in central character Matty.  And he can’t tell wh, whyy everyone close to him is pulling away in disgust and disbelief, because  he’s caught up in  the hustle that the new leader of the DMZ, Delgado, is running, under a glossy but increasingly fragile shell of “revolution” and “legitimacy”.

Matty’s further from the truth he so desperately sought when he first arrived in the DMZ, four years ago, than he’s ever been, and though he doesn’t know it, he’s in a bad place right now.

The overall tone of this arc, as well as the Ryan Kelly-drawn “No Future” story, is vaguely reminiscent of the second trade and the air of tension and violence that permeated that era of the story.  Things seem calm, but it’s half a twitch away from igniting like a grenade misfiring in your hand.  I’m both dreading as well as anticipating seeing what happens next (I’m a trade-waiter when it comes to this title) and seeing how Matty’s decisions play out and ultimately affect him.


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3 Responses to random comic review – “DMZ” volume 8, ‘Hearts And Minds’

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  2. Marky D says:

    I can’t wait. I ordered it a week ago where the F#$* is it!!!

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