Random Record Review – Campaign, “It Likes To Party”


It Likes To Party EP

self-released (2010)


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of bands that wear their Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker influences proudly on their sleeves.

They never suck, and they’re usually really rad guys who just want to drink beers and eat BBQ and party.  Campaign proudly continue that tradition and make me wanna get sweaty and sing along until I’m hoarse and my back hurts from being elbowed repeatedly in a sweaty basement venue.  It’s not reinventing rocket science or creating cold fusion, but Campaign are good ol’fashioned punk rock of the most awesome-est order, simple as that.

You can actually download It Likes To Party for free here, so you really don’t have any excuses to not check it out.  Go do it, get stoked, have a beer, throw a party.


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