“Khaji Da!”

The recent Blue Beetle rumors Geoff Johns posted on Twitter has everyone in a tizzy, and it’s for a good reason.  The Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, who premiered in “Identity Crisis of Infinite Earth Worlds” or whatever, garnered a massive fanbase since he first showed up.  A Mexican-American teenage superhero that brought to mind the early days of Invincible and Spiderman, the model of a teenage superhero unwittingly becoming the latest in a legacy hero line with a solid family support structure, awesome cast of secondary characters, how could you not love him?

The character’s maintained a life beyond the comics in the very cool “The Brave & The Bold” cartoon, as well as the hearts and minds of countless raging fanboys (as well as those who took insult at a Hispanic comic book character inheriting the name of a 3rd-rate DC comics character whose cult fame only sprung up after he was killed off).

If done right and not just as a terribly-done property thrown together for a replacement for “Smallville”, a Blue Beetle live-action TV series is a fantastic idea, and i definitely could see it working and garnering a great audience.


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