random comic review – “The Executor”

Vertigo’s little hardcover crime goodness continues with The Executor by Jon Evans and Andrea Mutti, a crime story that definitely ended up going in a unique direction I didn’t see coming and had a very…unique ending.

I saw a preview of this in the back of I, Zombie issue 1 a few months ago but didn’t realize it was one of the Vertigo Crime titles, which both myself and my fiancee have been enjoying immensely these days.

When former hometown hero and pro hockey player joseph Ullen gets a call about the death of his high school ex-girlfriend, he’s surprised to find out she named him executor of her will.  His trip back home begins to reveal not only a dark secret that goes to the heart of the community, but might also be connected to a few shocking secrets from his own past.

The thing I liked abut The Executor the best was the continuing twists and turns the story took, adding more and more layers without really being too confusing.  A few late-to-the-narrative characters that appear out of nowhere threw me off a bit in terms of crowding the ending, but otherwise, it’s an excellent story about secrets, shame, and the adage “you can’t go home again”.


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