The Green Hornet Arrives!

OK so after watching this like 3 times…I’ll admit, I’m intrigued.  The Green Hornet‘s a weird character for me, one I know has a lot of history that I respect but don’t really know too much about.  The one thing I notice about this trailer is that it seems to draw an awful lot from Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet comic, which is based heavily on his old script for this movie that was rejected.

I guess we’ll see how this ends up, I don’t know if I’ll be seeing it in theaters but I’d probably get it on DVD or rent it. I know the production’s been plagued with a lot of problems, but the trailer’s got some promising stuff in there with semi-serious action and story, the gas gun, and limiting the amount of dick jokes Seth Rogen is allowed to say.

RANDOM FACTOID – Comic book “mythology” makes the Green Hornet a direct descendant of the Lone Ranger.


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