DC Comics & Digital Distribution

So the big news today is DC Comic‘s MASSIVE leap into digital comics and digital distribution.  Their foray, which includes a partnership with Comixlogy, Apple, and the Playstation Entertainment Network, allows for same-day distribution (as print comics), the ability to purchase and read DC Comics through iStuff as well as Playstation devices, and a DC Comics app from Apple for easy access to exclusive DC stuff.

Also, the deal also distributes royalties from digital releases to creative teams, meaning that the writing and art teams behind the comics get additional royalties from digital sales, not just physical ones.  This is a pretty huge deal, as a major concern in digital comics distribution was pricing and royalties.  DC’s got an interesting pricing system in place, with (as I’m reading it) same-day pricing for online stuff at $2.99, but after that, titles range from $0.99 to $2.99.

From what I understand (the only comics I read on machines are webcomics and newspaper strips I get in an email subscription or RSS feed), this is pretty fucking huge.  While Marvel made the first move in terms of the Big 2 getting into digital comics, this is a much more put-together effort with a much more far-reaching network of connections and influence.

I guess we’ll see where this ends up going in terms of comics.  I won’t pretend I know anything about “the biz” of comics when it comes to sales and stuff, I just like to read interesting things and then make jokes about it.  However, even I can tell that this is a major shift in the current of comics, for the better.

You can read the official release here at DC’s The Source blog, and an interesting analysis of the whole thing at Comics Alliance.


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