Pitching the next DEADLIEST CATCH

I really really love Discovery’s show “Deadliest Catch”, but my gut is telling me that there may not be any more seasons after the current one.  And it’s a shame, because not only is the show an amazing documentary series about what is, without exaggeration, truly the deadliest job on the planet.

One of the other good things about “Deadliest Catch” is that it’s inspired a lot of other good TV shows that highlight interesting occupations and niches of American cultures, helping ot not only increase the spectrum of material and subjects considered “documentation-worthy”, but also .  But if “Deadliest Catch” ends up not coming back next season, there’s going to be a need for a real TV Blockbuster at Discovery.

Here are a few ideas I’ve been sitting on that I think might work;


KEEPIN’ IT REAL ESTATE – While there are a lot of real estate shows out there, this one will be Discovery’s NITTY GRITTY take on the industry, showing lone real estate agents having to fight with ruthless squatters to clear out an empty place for potential buyers, crooked and face-blurred unionized safety inspectors trying to get one over on you, not to mention the cutthroat world of trying to sucker people selling their homes into signing over the unadulterated pleasure of doing it to you, with every other agent in the state trying to get there before you.  It’s practically “Deadliest Catch” in the suburbs!

LIVIN’ LARGE – The life and times of the employees maintaining the Large Hadron Collider.  Just picture it…SEX! DANGER! WORMHOLES FROM THE FUTURE RANDOMLY OPENING UP! The place is a giant windowless tunnel underground filled with incredibly dangerous machines that are prone to breaking down at any moment, endangering the fabric of space-time! OK, not really, but hey, DRAMATIC FAKE SCIENCE! It’ll be a real-life, slightly less boring (but still sorta boring because of all the science) version of “Grey’s Anatomy”.  We can stick it in a Thursday night slot.

See or hear anything you like?


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