So, the Wonder Woman thing…

OK, so if you don’t know what I’m talking about, head over to DC’s The Source to find out about a new direction for DC’s classic character Wonder Woman, including a new costume change that includes more pants and less Roo-Rah Americana.

I’m gonna be honest.  First and foremost, I’ve never liked Wonder Woman.  As a character in a team book like Justice League, she’s fine, but it’s the same attitude I have with Superman, you can’t really do much in a solo title before things get old and stale and repetitive, and all you’re left with is a Golden Age or Silver Age legacy that’s continuing to keep the title alive and “relevant”.  Greg Rucka’s take on her (which included the now-infamous killing of Max Lord by breaking his neck like a stale Twinkie) was probably the best ever, taking her seriously as a warrior in the classic Greek/pre-Christianity warrior culture tradition.  And even then, that run was hampered by;

That fucking stars’n stripes bathing suit costume, which is routed in the character’s initial creation during World War 2 as a propaganda tool and has almost ZERO reflection of the character’s supposed connections to ancient Greek mythology. And I’m sorry, but as someone of Greek background, just throwing some Doric columns up in the background and giving her a xiphos once in a while alongside that cowboy rope-thing that glows doesn’t make her seem Greek. At all.

I mean come on, it’s pretty weird-looking.  Like someone said over at Comics Alliance’s recent roundtable about the change, it looks like what Sarah Palin dreams she looks like when she’s having bizarre sexual fantasies about killing liberals and fucking Glen Beck with a strap-on. For a character that’s supposed to be a practical warrior and a superhero, it sure looks like a cheesy outfit a USO showgirl would have worn in World War 2.

And while this new outfit does definitely have shades of of ’90s comics (the jacket might be a bit much), at the same time, look at it.  Seriously.  It’s still got the classic red, white, blue, and gold color scheme. It’s still got a WW on there, as well as other Wonder Woman signifiers on there like gauntlets/bracers, tiara, etc.  I notice no one complaining about Batman when he stopped having that dinky little belt with tubes/pellets on it and instead got one with actual pouches?

Sorry for the random ranting and raving, but like I said, I’ve never seen the appeal of the character, at all. I understand the importance of the legacy, but I just never think it’s been done right, I think the character’s a whole bag of mixed messages, and we should instead be focusing on other stuff, like this.


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