random comic review – “Jesus Hates Zombies (ft. Lincoln Hates Werewolves)” vol 4

Booyah, bitches.  Boo-yah…

I make no bones about Jesus Hates Zombies being one of my all-time favorite indie comics.  It’s the great spirit of making comics come to life, with horror and comedy and action all rolled into one.

If you didn’t already know, this series is about a bat-wielding, General Lee-driving Jesus come down to Earth to save humanity in the wake of a zombie apocalypse.  At the same time in America’s history, President Abraham Lincoln deals with a rising werewolf threat against him that eventually leads him to cross paths withe Jesus and his growing posse of followers heading to Las Vegas, the last bastion of humanity.  Volume 4 right here is the final showdown of humanity and good against the zombified hordes, and it’s a gruesome clash.

As Stephen Lindsay brings his masterpiece to an end with surprise cameos and twists galore, I gotta say that this is an amazing wrap-up.  There’s a surprising and heart-wrenching twist in this volume that made me actually shake my fist at the book and curse him for the talented writing bastard that he is, and definitely solidifies this series as one of my all-time favorite comics ever. It reminds me of the original TMNT comics or the Scott Pilgrim books, just a good time that not only embraces what it’s making fun of, but is more than just shtick.

Anyway, you should seriously just go out and get this whole series, because it’s amazing comics, there’s a hilarious final twist that made me laugh out loud, and I have impeccable taste, so you can trust me on this.


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