random comic review – “Mysterious The Unfathomable”

I picked up Mysterious The Unfathomable from Wildstorm at a Borders a few months ago after hearing a lot about it from various blogs and podcasts, and of course my love for Jeff Parker’s Agents Of Atlas drew me to it as well.

A young alt-weekly reporter goes to a trendy seance being held by a “magician” known only as Mysterious, which leads her into a world not only hidden from the sight of normal human beings, but also fraught with incredibly weird danger.

A weird tribute to classic stage magic, pulp adventure stories, and mystery stories, I read Mysterious The Unfathomable about 4 times in the week I bought it.  Totally worth all the hype and praise heaped upon it.  I loved Tom Fowler’s art, the incredibly unique design of Mysterious himself, the cool little twists, and the idea itself of this incredibly unlikeable character in fact, being the hero.  Mysterious himself is almost Holmes-esque in his behavior, personality ticks, and utter confidence, which is probably one of the primary reason I love this.

Mysterious The Unfathomable is one of those genuine hidden gems of comics that I wanna tell everyone about.  I do, actually, because I think it’s a pleasant surprise that more people need to read, especially if you’re interested in indie comics that aren’t just bellybutton-picking, shoe-gazing randomness.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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