The shutdown of Zuda

DC has announced the folding of their webcomic imprint Zuda today.  to some…interesting reactions.  While a lot of people praised DC’s recent jump into online comics distribution, it’s strange to see the end of Zuda, where titles like the critically-acclaimed High Moon originated and where many up-and-coming comic/webcomic creators were given a place to cut their teeth and showcase their works, be an unintended side effect.

This is the third big shift in recent months surrounding DC’s online presence and work, following the end of the competition aspect of Zuda and the recent announcement about DC’s major jump into online comic distribution & sales.

Last week DC Comics took a much anticipated second step into the world of digital publishing with the simultaneous launch of the official DC Comics iPhone/iPad App (powered by comiXology) and participation in Sony’s Playstation Network. I say second step because, as most Zuda fans know, we made our first step back in 2007 when DC Comics tasked us with a project that would evolve into ZUDA COMICS. Part webcomics collective, part community, part competition, all experimental; Zuda was an unique and ambitiously creative project, albeit an occasionally clunky one.

Recently we ended our competition format and put submissions on hold. And now, effective today, will be shut down.


As for the site, from here on out, Zuda Comics will be folded into DC Comics’ exciting, new Digital Publishing initiative. Expect more Zuda series to be released through the DC Comics and comiXology Apps, the Sony PSP and on both the comiXology website and, eventually, the main DC Comics website as well. You’ll be able to read all of your digital editions and manage your entire library in one place, whether DCU, Vertigo, WildStorm or Zuda. The goal there is convergence of technology and convergence of editorial.


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