more news on the Steve Perry case

James Davis Willis has been officially charged in the murder of comic book writer Stephen Perry, who disappeared and who’s van was discovered May 16th in Tampa, FL.  Human remains, including an arm and torso that have since been identified as Perry’s, were discovered as well that day and since then.

Several others are also not ruled out as suspects in the disappearance of the comic writer, who is best known for his work on Wally Wood’s THUNDER Agents, Marvel’s Psi-Force, as well as the renowned animated series “THUNDERCATS” and “Silverhawks” from Rankin/Bass.  Perry, who didn’t have health insurance and had not worked in several years, had suffered from bladder cancer and until intervention from The Hero Initiative, had at times been forced to live with his 5-year old son in their van.

This has been a really  sad story to follow, especially considering that A) at one point Perry’s son Leo was also missing before being discovered with his mother (I think, can’t remember offhand), and B) it makes you think how if health care was easier to get access to in the US Perry might not have suffered as much.

Thanks to Robot 6 for the update.


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