Watching TV

I don’t watch “Mad Men”, AMC’s hit TV series about advertising men in the 1950’s.

I know, I know, try to keep your shock and awe to a minimum.  The popular and critically-acclaimed show is a big deal, one of the shows

And therein lies the problem to me, which I don’t think I can fully explain to people.

The premise itself, the roots of the entire universe of the series, doesn’t appeal to me.  I’m sure that the show’s writers have created a rich and in-depth world with incredibly complicated and multi-layered characters.  But if all of that is stemming out of a concept that doesn’t draw me in and is meant to be the over-arching “theme”/story of the show, then why should I care?

Short answer; I don’t, so quit fuckin’ badgering me about watching it. The more you tell me it’s amazing, the more I think you have zero taste in TV.

Long answer; I don’t care because idea of basing a show around the advertising industry sounds incredibly BORING.  And I can’t get over that hump, no matter how much I try to get myself to get over it.

I’m definitely a fan of quality writing and storytelling (some of my favorite TV series include “Nurse Jackie”, “The West Wing”, “Justified”, and “Dexter”, all of which are classic examples of superior characterization and storytelling), but all of those series started out as amazing pitches that caught my attention.  a smart-mouthed nurse hiding a drug habit behind a veneer of perfection. The inner back-room workings of the White House and DC politics in general. A modern Western based on a character by one of my favorite writers that mixes Shakespearean drama in there. A forensics-minded serial killer who uses his dayjob of being a police scientist to track down other killers and satisfy his bloodlust by taking it out on them.

All of those shows are not only filled to the brim with great characters and amazing writing, but they all had something else; They caught my attention from the instant I heard about them.  They all said, “Costa, we are awesome. We will have violence and drama and more violence and characters that you will absolutely love. And what’s more, all the trailers on TV about us are instantly attention-grabbing. We know you, we know what you love…”

Granted so do shows like “My Life On The D-List” and “Dog The Bounty Hunter”, but that’s another blog post for another day.

And that, is why I don’t watch “Mad Men”.


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