Brian Clevinger’s writing Captain America, & I am excited

I’m incredibly excited about this.

Marvel is announcing that Brian Clevinger, the writer of one of my all-time favorite comics Atomic Robo, will be writing Captain America: The Fighting Avenger.

Brian says to CBR;

“All Steve wants to do at the onset of the war is what he feels is his duty. He doesn’t want glory, he’s not out for revenge or blood, he doesn’t want adventure, none of that stuff. Nothing about enlisting involves his ego. He genuinely wants to do The Right Thing. That’s the beginning and end of it. And when he finally gets into the war, he’s got the weight of the entire Allied effort on his shoulders while doing a job that was intended for whole battalions.”


“To put it into die-hard Marvel reader terms: it’s not funny like Deadpool, but maybe it’s funny like Iron Fist.”

Until I read some of Brubaker’s work with Captain America, I’d never been a huge Cap fan to be honest.  However, reading what Clevinger is going to be doing here and his mention of the work he and Scott Wegener did Atomic Robo volume 2 (set in World War II), I’m totally stoked.


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