This is pretty exciting.  Scott Snyder, writer (alongside Stephen King) of Vertigo’s hit series American Vampire, has been announced as the new writer for DC’s Detective Comics starring Batman.

Snyder is primarily known as a writer for his collection of shorts, “Voodoo Heart”.  He’s also done some Marvel work as well before jumping into the comic spotlight writing one of the two main storylines appearing in Vertigo’s American Vampire.

No news yet on which Batman (Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson) Snyder will be writing, or when exactly this new Detective Comics book will be premiering.  Detective Comics was last a Greg Rucka/JH Williams III joint, telling the story of Kathy Kane, the new Batwoman, with a Greg Rucka/Cully Hamner second feature spotlighting Renee Montoya, the new Question.


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