On the live-action Green Lantern, the costume, etc…

It’s no secret that I love Green Lantern.  The abstract concept itself alone is enough to make someone like me, reared on both fantasy and science fiction, giddy with joy.  It’s about pure emotion and determination being given a tangible form and used as a force for good.  How many times have you wished that your desire alone to do something, to get it done, would help you do it?  Who doesn’t want a power where their own determination is the most powerful weapon in the universe?

Even though I haven’t been following it actively since the whole “Blackest Night” mega-crossover began, I still hold true to loving the basic idea.  “Rebirth”, Tomasi’s Green Lantern Corps, and “Sinestro Corps War” are all amazing stuff that can actually give me goosebumps.  I made my way-too patient fiancee sit through the animated DC Direct movie starring Christopher Meloni as the voice of Hal Jordan.  I even remember loving the Green Lantern crossover with that “Duck Dodgers” cartoon starring Daffy Duck!

So when I heard that yes, there was going to be a live-action movie about my favorite ringslinger, I will cop to having an instant of fanboy reaction. “Oh crap, this could get soooo bad!!!” At the saem time though, my memories of Marvel Studios’ “Iron Man” as a superhero movie done right, a superhero that’s bright and shiny and flies around winking at your girlfriend even though she’s SITTING RIGHT THERE WITH YOU…then I thought “You know what? This could work.”

And then this morning as I made my way through the rounds of news sites, blogs, Twitter, etc…I found this.

Now, I’ll admit, I was a little surprised and kind of confused when I first saw it, and from reading the general reactions from the online comic community, I wasn’t the only one.  It was sort of similar to everyone’s reactions to the recent Wonder Woman costume thing with lots of “THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!”‘s and “I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!”‘s.  Pretty typical fanboy responses.

I have to say though, the more I look at it, the more I approve.  After all, a huge part of the Green Lantern mythos is that this is a a force of heroes and lawmen from all over the known universe. It was started by aliens, so of course the costume should look alien and weird.

Also, it shouldn’t look like rubber or fabric or armor, it should look like what it is, a construct formed FROM the ring itself, which is what the costume has historically been described as in the books.  I mean, if alien space cops want you to join their ranks and your badge is basically something that can form whatever you think of, chances are you’re not gonna be wearing a uniform made out of fabric. It should look like that, like something containing an incredibly energy force, hinting at a potential to get tapped into for some interstellar ass-kicking.

So congratulations, whoever created this costume! I think you did a pretty rad job, and now I can’t wait to see it in action in a trailer or eventually, the movie itself (which of course is where we SHOULD be making our observations about a movie, not a goddamn publicity shot).


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