Holy cow, Dynamite‘s Warlord Of Mars, their comic adaptations of the classic “John Carter of Mars” novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs look bad-ass.

Head on over to The Beat to see more of the covers.

As a wee lad growing up on THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN comics, those books’ vibrant covers of swords, monsters, and ladies in metal bikinis were what drew me to fantasy, pulp, and graphic storytelling.  I never really thought I’d see fantasy like that in comics anymore, for some reason it’s kind of fallen out of style.

Granted, no one will ever write like Howard or Burroughs, but still, it’s comforting to see something like this, a big part of my childhood and comic book-reading personal history, “coming back” as it were.

Marvel used to do “John Carter of Mars” comics back in the 70’s/80’s that I read a lot as well (God bless older relatives who saved stuff like that in closets and basements), and I know Pixar has been working on a movie, but I’m pretty excited about Dynamite’s take on it.

Thanks to The Beat for cluing me in!


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