JESUS HATES ZOMBIES moving to 215Ink

Jesus Hates Zombies, one of my favorite new independent comics of the past few years, will be publishing their next volume through 215 Ink.  215 Ink are probably best known for publishing the bacon ninja madness Massive Awesome, one of JHZ writer/creator Stephen Lindsay‘s other comic projects.  Jim McMunn, the artist of and The Frightful FetusThe Devil’s Trail (both also by Linsday), will be picking up art duties on JHZ.

Lindsay’s also announcing that in addition to 215Ink publishing the next JHZ volume, “Jesus Hates Zombies: A Jurassic Kinda Life”, the publishers will also be re-releasing “Jesus Hates Zombies Featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves in: Yea, Though I Walk…”, initially released by Alterna Comics in 4 volumes.


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